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Adoptable Cats

See all of our adoptable, healthy cats.

Adoptable Dogs

See all of our adoptable, healthy dogs.

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Start a Nonprofit Animal Rescue

Animals deserve every chance to have a loving home. If you are a person who loves them and has solid business experience, you could start a nonprofit animal rescue. Starting...

Be a Paw Lover

This website was developed specifically for a nonprofit that does not yet exist.  We are searching for the people who will start Paw Lover anywhere in the world.  

Free Pet Health Clinic

Our first free pet health clinic was a huge success thanks to Dr. V and our volunteers.  Thirty-five lucky dogs and cats got checked out.

Paw Lover was founded in 20XX to provide a no-kill animal rescue to the community of Anytown.


We’re a no-kill shelter.


We provide other community services to help animals.


We make sure to match the right animal with the right family.


We provide foster homes for dogs and cats until they find their forever homes.


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    What Our Clients Say!​

    I have always loved cats. I never imagined I would find one like Arty, though. He is the craziest, fun cat I've ever had.
    Theo Burgas
    The adoption process was so special. Everyone at Paw Lover made certain that Dolly was the right dog for me.
    Anette Boudreau
    Dotty and I are traveling all over the place. She is just the sweetest thing ever. I love having a new companion with me. Thank you, Paw Lover!
    Vanessa Fox

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