Adoptable Dogs

Note to any one who might find this page: This organization does not yet exist. These dogs are NOT up for adoption. This page is here for display only.

To the future organization that is viewing this page: We had a little fun with this, in the style of Stephen Colbert's Rescue Dog Rescue. We've made up some fun histories of our fictitious dogs. This is just here so you can see how this page could be laid out. Have fun!


Mila is an approximately 3 year old varsity cheerleader at University of Mississippi.  She is majoring international studies and set to graduate in 2023.  She then plans to enter the Peace Corps.

Mila is an extremely sweet dog who came to Paw Lover when she developed some health problems and her family could not afford to care for her.  The vets at Paw Lover have nursed her back to health and she should have no ongoing issues.  She is spayed, but she is going to need more assistance with house training.  



Dwayne is an approximately 6 year old electrician hailing from the great state of Colorado.  He is an outdoorsman who loves to hike and hunt. 

Dwayne is a high energy dog who would love a pet parent who loves to hike.  He came to Paw Lover after being found wandering in Rocky Mountain National Forest and his parent was never located.  He is a healthy boy that prefers to be the only dog in the home.  He is neutered and up to date on all shots.


Garcia is an approximately 7 year old former Dead Head and visual artist originally from Upstate New York, although he is a vagabond now.

Garcia was surrendered by a man who was un-homed who could not care for him anymore.  So Garcia is used to a free lifestyle.  He would not be matched well to a family that wants him to just stay inside.  He is now neutered and up to date on all shots.  He gets along with all other animals.



Daphne is an approximately 11 year old senior grandmother and former California State Senator.  Prior to being a senator, Daphne was an investment banker and philanthropist.

Daphne was surrendered to Paw Lover by the family of her parent who passed away.  She is quite healthy for her age but she does prefer a low-key lifestyle so she would be best with a single person.  She is spayed and up to date on all shots.