Start a Nonprofit Animal Rescue

Animals deserve every chance to have a loving home. If you are a person who loves them and has solid business experience, you could start a nonprofit animal rescue.

Starting a nonprofit is not extremely difficult. But it pays to do a lot of homework before you do it. You need to run your organization like a busines, not a “pet project” (pardon the pun!).

Be a Paw Lover

This website was developed specifically for a nonprofit that does not yet exist.  We are searching for the people who will start Paw Lover anywhere in the world.  

Tilly is finally home

As you know, Tilly had a llllllllllllllooooooonnnnngggggg wait for her new home.  She had been found in a ditch off of I-70 and was really worse for wear.  It took several months for her to heal from her trauma and her physical injuries.  But now, she is home with her new mom, Elena!  

Rocko and Rowdy Found Their Family!

When a bonded pair of big dogs show up at Paw Lover needing a home, we know we have out work cut out for us.  These two 5 year old males are rough and tumble dudes.  But come to find out, that’s exactly what Kira and Shaun wanted.