Adoptable Cats

Note to any one who might find this page: This organization does not yet exist. These cats are NOT up for adoption. This page is here for display only.

To the future organization that is viewing this page: We had a little fun with this, in the style of Stephen Colbert's Rescue Dog Rescue. We've made up some fun histories of our fictitious cats. This is just here so you can see how this page could be laid out. Have fun!


One year old Jillian hails from Beverly Hills, CA, where her mother was an aspiring actress and model who was involved with media mogul.  Hence, Jillian and her litter mates were born.

Jillian is a shy young lady who loves to hide inside drawers and closets.  But she does love to have her photo taken. Wonder where that came from!  Jillian was found wandering the Paramount Movie Studio sets, no doubt looking for her mother.

She is spayed and up to date on all shots and housebroken.



J.D. is an 8 year old television broadcaster appearing regularly in syndication on major networks.  He is also the author of the bestselling book, How to Be a Curmudgeon 101.  

J.D. is an authoritative gentleman who basically ignores all other animals in the house.  He was brought to the shelter when his pet parent passed away.  He has no current health issues and is neutered.  He is fully housebroken and does like to roam outside.


Nanette is an (approximately) 3 year old former prima ballerina with the American Ballet Theatre.  She hit hard times after making some questionable financial decisions.  

Nanette was found abandoned by the side of an interstate highway along with a sibling.  She is a highly athletic and playful girl.  She is spayed and up to date on all of her shots.  She is almost fully housebroken.


Darth is approximately four years old and is a heavy metal guitarist and front cat for the band Onerous Darkness.  

Darth came to Paw Lover when his family moved away and left him wandering the streets of Detroit alone.  He was quite malnourished when he came, but has since returned to good health.  Darth gets along really well with dogs, kids and other cats.  He is housebroken and tends to spend a lot of time wandering outdoors so he will need to be supervised and trained to stay home.